Vicki Barker's Airchecks



LISTEN    PRINCESS DIANA MEMORIAL SERVICE: TEN YEARS AFTER -- Aired on CBS Weekend Roundup 31 August 2007. DUR: 1:25.

LISTEN    MONTAGE OF REPORTS FROM LEBANON. Aired on CBS Radio programming, July/August 2006. DUR: 5:07

LISTEN   THE SUFFOLK RIPPER: The murder of five prostitutes in an English market town suddenly shows Britons the human face, and human tragedy, of the women who walk their streets. Aired on CBS Radio stations December 2006. DUR: 2:41

LISTEN   RUSSIA: GOT THE POST COLD WAR BLUES -- In the week that the former Soviet Republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are admitted into NATO, Vicki Barker examines the state of Russia's once-mighty military. Aired on the BBC World Service, December 2002. DUR: 4:45

LISTEN   RUSSIA: THE GREAT GAME, REVISITED -- Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been courting three of the big wheels in President Bush's Axis of Evil: Iraq, North Korea, and Iran. How worried should the West be? Aired on the BBC World Service, December 2002. DUR: 5:28

LISTEN   RETURN TO MONMOUTH COUNTY -- On the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Vicki Barker returns to her home town on the Jersey shore, and to a community still mourning lost loved ones. Aired on World Update, BBC World Service, 11 September 2002. DUR: 8:40


LISTEN   BIKINI BLUES: Vicki Barker watches her tan line fade without regret. Aired on CBS Radio stations August 2007. DUR: 3:09

LISTEN   PROM NIGHT IN BRITAIN. The high school prom comes to a nation without high schools. Aired on CBS Radio stations May 2007. DUR: 4:00

LISTEN   A MANX CHRISTMAS. Aired on CBS Radio stations December 2006. DUR: 2:18

LISTEN   INTERVIEW -- The lady who took her washing machine repair man hostage. Aired on BBC World Update, August, 2000. DUR: 5:24

LISTEN   INTERVIEW -- It looks like a sugar cube on wheels. But can the new, revamped Mini drive its way into English hearts? Aired on BBC World Update, March 2002 DUR: 4:00

LISTEN   NEW RICH, OLD POOR -- In Russia, the kleptocrats are starting to give way to the oligarchs. Vicki Barker reports from Vladimir Putin's Russia. Aired on the BBC World Service December 2002. DUR: 6:20


LISTEN    HOPE I DIE BEFORE I'M OLD: THE GLOBAL PENSION CRISIS. Vicki Barker takes us on a tour of economic paradigms, working from the world's richest economy -- the USA -- to the poorest, the "informal" or peasant economy, to see if any societies on the planet can now guarantee their people a secure old age. Written, produced and presented by Vicki Barker. Aired on the BBC World Service, March 2003. (NOTE: This is a 7:00 excerpt of a half-hour documentary; to hear the program in its entirety, CLICK HERE)

LISTEN   THE CHANGING FACE OF GLOBAL POWER. Peter Day investigates a future in which the USA is no longer the world's biggest economy; and where the G-7 may be dominated by "the BRICs": Brazil, Russia, India and China. Executive Producer: Vicki Barker. Presenter: Peter Day. Written by Vicki Barker and Peter Day. Aired on the BBC World Service October 2004. (NOTE: This is a 7:30 excerpt of a four-part radio documentary series; to hear the series in its entirety, CLICK HERE)

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